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Family fun with mystery buttons

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Reimagining Mobile Fun

Get your family and friends moving with your mobile device

Have fun with family creating your own mystery buttons. Record challenges and smash the button to reveal a random challenge. Try ping pong trick shots, dice stacking, basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee, exercise or anything you can think of.



Mystery Buttons

Create a collection of different buttons that are full of whatever challenges you can think of. 

Inventory (Coming Soon)

Punch in all the equipment your family owns and Yo Kid Go will automagically figure out a variety of challenges you can compete in.  

Race (Coming Soon)

Create multiple players in race mode. Using your inventory, Yo Kid Go will automatically pick a set of challenges and setup a race.

How the App Works


Create your first button

Give your button a name so that you can easily identify it from all the other buttons you're going to create.

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1290x2796bb (2).png


Record your challenges

Press and hold the big red button to record your voice describing the challenge. At yokidgo, we like to use funny voices. 



Play by yourself or take turns with your friends and family. 

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
technology can get kids active

As a father of three, I never imagined how glued my children would be to their tablets. With each flick at the screen, serotonin is injected into their precious young minds. If you ask them to set their tablets down for a moment, you'll soon regret the devices ever being invented. How could such an amazing technology go so wrong? Our children are losing their desire to move around and engage with the physical world. We can't take their tablets away, can we? But maybe, we can change the games they're playing.

My three year old is fascinated with a few Youtube channels that involve physical challenges. I absolutely love them, he's running around mimicking everything they are doing. Dice stacking, bottle flipping, ping pong, and trick shots based in any sport. Engaging with the physical world! Watching my son reminded me of my childhood, out front trying bounce the tennis ball off the garage door into a bucket. It hit me! How can I encourage this equilibrium.... electronic meets physicality. It is simple, source your home for inventory, input it into your device and let Yo Kid Go and do the rest. Also, create your own mystery buttons along the way.

- Coach Sully

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